Rustproof Porcelain Briquettes for WNK & TJK Model Grills.

Exclusive self-cleaning Flavor Master long-lasting porcelain briquettes provide food with a cleaner, fresher and better barbecue flavor. Unlike metal flavor plates/bars, the Flavor Master briquettes will not rust.

One Bag includes 67 pieces. To fill the briquette grate properly you will need all 67 pieces.

Proper Briquette pattern for WNKINSTALLING THE BRIQUETTES

  • Place the porcelain briquettes on top of the grate.
  • Place one at a time
  • Carefully place the porcelain briquettes on the
    grate in the pattern shown making sure to only
    have one layer.
  • This pattern helps to distribute heat evenly and
    reduce flare-ups.
  • The bag includes 67 briquettes—you will need
    all 67 to fill the briquette grate properly.


Bag Porcelain Briquetts for WN...